Women’s Crossfit

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Crossfit is a newly emerging sport which is often referred to as the sport of fitness. This is a sport which had its early beginnings in the training regimes of some of the elite law enforcement agencies and Special Forces training camps. Not known as a sport in those early days, it was just seen as a way to try and ensure that those that needed to keep at a peek state of readiness for whatever may face them, were able to do so. This was a form of physical training that reached across multiple disciplines to ensure peek fitness of the entire body, as opposed to the training that sportsmen and women of the day would undergo to strengthen just the one muscle group they needed to in order to perform their sport at the highest levels. When these law enforcement officers or members of the Special Forces later followed these strict and rigorous training routines in gyms over the world as they finished their terms of service, the workout enthusiasts were so impressed that they mimicked it to the best of their abilities.

It was shown that this training could keep anyone in peak condition and could stretch to limits, those that took the exercises seriously. As some of these workout enthusiasts reached levels of fitness they had not experienced before, they started to compete against each other to determine which of them was able to reach the highest points of strength, agility and endurance. By this time it was not just men that were performing these regimes but women were also stretching themselves to limits of fitness and also competing against each other. As these training regimes were a combination of different exercises that included weight lifting among them, special shoes needed to be developed to provide the athletes with the needed strength of foot to compete without the fear of foot injury. This new activity soon became a sport known as crossfit and top Crossfit shoes for women are made by Reebok and Nike as well as others.

Today crossfit is a sport which is rapidly growing in popularity and it is only the fittest and strongest of athletes that compete in these extremely physical, newly emerging competitive games. It would seem that the days when someone would just go to the gym for a workout only to keep themselves fit are passed as many of those workout enthusiasts now have a set goal in sight and that goal is to take part in a competitive crossfit championship event. This does mean however that whereas those workout enthusiasts in the past could work out only until they became tired, if they want to compete at the highest levels, they will have to continue to push themselves past their best, suffering the pain that comes with extreme exertion and suffer the intense tiredness that often, at least at the start, accompany these extreme workout sessions. Only now do those workout enthusiasts understand what potential heroes in uniform have to undergo and undergo it without the hope of a prize at the end.

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