Family Dining

Today family dining is a far cry from what it used to be in our grandparent’s days as today, a family all eating a meal together at the same time is a rare sight whereas in our grandparent’s days nearly every meal was eaten as a family, gathering around one table and all eating the same meal. Those days had two advantages over today and those advantages are first, the parents could ensure the family ate healthy, dictating what foods would comprise the meal, ensuring full and diverse nutrients were included. Secondly, when a family eats together, it is widely thought that the family gets to bond better and easier than they would if they all ate individually.

Today this change in traditional eating has not really come about by choice but rather by circumstances as in this modern, hurried lifestyle, rarely is there time for someone to spend time in the kitchen to cook and even if they did, the other family members could rarely find time to eat all at the same time. There are however two fairly new factors which can help to give a family a better choice or at least make it easier for them to eat a traditional family meal and eat it together.

One of these factors is the introduction of traditional family style meals onto the menus of some restaurants and even some restaurant chains. The second factor is that menus for the different restaurants and restaurant menu prices can now be found online on certain websites.

This will hopefully enable families to eat at least one meal together each week, ensuring family members eat healthy at least once a week and also allowing bonding to occur regularly too. It may still be hard of course to work out a time when everyone is free to eat at the same time but at least none of the family has to find the time to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen prior to them all being free. One other concern may also be about the cost as it is rare that a meal in a restaurant will be cheaper than one cooked at home but at least by being able to review the prices of the different meals prior to making a decision, should make it easier to organize and afford.

Before the introduction of family style, traditional meals to restaurant menus, often the choices in restaurants were either extravagant, therefore expensive, or they were merely variations on unhealthy fast food offerings, neither of which is perhaps suitable for a traditional family dinner. The offerings today though often include country style or home style, full dinners complete with optional extras to treat the taste buds, making them not just hearty and healthy but also delicious and mouth-watering.

Although you may think you know all the restaurants in your area as you have lived there for years, many people, having looked at these websites, are surprised to see that new ones have opened up near them and they had not even noticed.

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