Shaving through History

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The history of shaving must start even before shaving existed as even in the Ice Age men needed to clear their faces of hair. At that time it was cold that if the face had hair, water that got trapped between the hair would freeze and cause frost bite. No blade had been invented at that time though, let alone any kind of razor.

This meant that in order to keep their faces hair free, they had to pluck out each and every hair. To make this task a little easier, it is known that some men would use clam shells as a tool to help them but that still did not mean that the task was easy.

The ancient Egyptians, as with many things, are the first to be known to use blades for shaving and in their case the blades were made of bronze and were circular in shape. Some of these blades have even been found in tombs where they were placed so that the dead could shave in the afterlife. The Egyptians mainly used the blades to shave their heads though, in order to prevent the build-up of lice in the heat and the hair. Shorter hair possibly became more fashionable after Alexander the Great ordered all his men to cut off their locks so that they could not be used against them if it came to hand to hand fighting.

The Greeks and the Romans found it fashionable to shave but they, like the Egyptians used crude blades to cut their hair and this meant that in order to get their hair cut, they would have to visit and pay a barber. In the 11th Century, after the Eastern orthodox had broken away from the Vatican and the Christen West, the pope ordered that all priests should shave off their beards so that they could never be mistaken for a Muslim or a Jew.

Soon after that all true Christians were expected to shave unless they were fighting in the Crusades. Of course though, shaving still required that a barber be paid and so many of the poor were considered unchristian. This having to go to a barber to get a shave continued until a Frenchman by the name of Jean-Jacques Perret invented the straight razor.

Although Perret’s straight razor was similar to ones still used today, the blade could not fold into the wooden handle as they do today and so those razors were no more than a blade attached to a piece of wood. It was King C. Gillette that in the early 1900s introduced the first disposable razors which are in common use today.

Today though it is easier to buy a razor than it was then as today, all you need do to ensure a constant supply of good razors, is to join one of the shave subscriptions 2017. These are businesses which deliver to your door, quality razors of a type you like, at a frequency which you dictate.

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